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The Pyramid Collection employs a series of bad business practices including sizing misinformation, high shipping charges, high exchange shipping charges and inability for customers to review products. Although any one of these could be overlooked, together they make the PC an awful consumer experience that you should think twice about.

Here's how it works:

The PC is primarily a re-seller of clothing made by other companies. Almost everything they sell is available elsewhere online, sometimes for cheaper prices. (Only items marked "exclusive" are made for them specifically and this is a small proportion of their business.)

As you probably already know, clothing made by different retailers often has different sizing. However, PC doesn't tell you who the original manufacturer is (in fact, they take pictures in such a way that you can't see the brand name even when it's normally visible, like on the soles of shoes.) They do not share the original retailers sizing charts. Instead, they use only one sizing chart for everything they sell.

If you buy clothing, you are practically ensured that the size will not be accurate to their size chart. My experiences over two years say that the odds are 1:6 that the size will be correct.

[This could be mitigated by allowing customers to review the products, as most retailers do. Then customers could look at reviews to see whether other people thought the item was true to size or not. The PC has NO customer reviews ANYWHERE on their website. In the future, this will be a warning sign for me. I assume they've done this on purpose, because otherwise there would be a lot of bad reviews for both quality -some things they sell are really nice, but a lot of it is cheaply made and overpriced- and sizing issues.]

OK, so you decide to exchange your item for the proper size.

Now that you are returning your item, you have to pay full rate shipping charges to send it back to them (in my case, about $13).

You'll also have to pay full shipping for PC to ship the exchange items back to you.

(Their shipping and handling charges, as other folks have pointed out, have nothing to do with how many items you are purchasing or how big the items are. They are calculated solely by the cost of the item. Since the average cost for an item of clothing on their website is about $60-$70, you are guaranteed a minimum of about $11 S&H if you buy, say, a light, poly-rayon shirt. If you are exchanging a couple of higher-priced items equaling $200, it will be $18! You can see their shipping charges at:

For your exchange on a single $60 item (for which you did not have proper sizing information in the first place) you've paid The Pyramid Collection a total of $22 in shipping and handling (not counting the $13 you paid to the Post Office or UPS to return the original mis-sized item.)

That's a 37% shipping & handling charge *that you have paid to the company* for one item. Buyer beware.

* * * *

I've also had problems with their customer service. They sent me a dress in the wrong size, admitted it, and told me in a very friendly and apologetic manner that if I shipped it back to them they would send me the correct size and refund my shipping costs back to them (since it was their mistake, not mine.)

I got the new dress but never received a refund on my shipping costs, even though I contacted them with a copy of the receipt (uploaded here), the original order form, the date and time of my call and the name of the customer service rep. I did receive an email saying they would "get back to me within 24 hours", but they never did.

* * * *

This is made slightly more dreadful by PC's spiritual-y claims, including that they are "The ultimate source for personal growth and exploration!" In addition to complaints on this website and elsewhere, the Better Business Bureau has 297 closed complaints against their parent company in the past three years and has 57 negative reviews (out of 60 total.) (As of 10/1/2014)


PS: Their parent company is the Potpourri Group, Inc and includes the following brands: Catalog Ventures, Nature's Jewelry, North Style, Serengeti, Pyramid Collection, Catalog Favorites, Potpouri, Expressions, Back in the Saddle, The Company of Dogs, Stitchery and Counted Cross Stitch, The Stitchery, Potpourri Gifts, and Young Explorers.

Reason of review: bad sizing practices, terrible exchange charges, never repaid the charges they promised to refund me.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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