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I received their Halloween costume magizine in my mail (I never ordered anything from them) and my twelve year old daughter was looking through the costumes and then right in the middle of the pages is ***! It was a pleasure explaining what they were to her, I really didn't need that after working all day.

After calling them to complain they sent me to a mailbox that was full, I guess I'm not the only one pissed. Let me just say I am not one to get upset about these things, I would (and have) used *** in my personal sex life but I went and bought one in a store they shouldn't be camouflaged in a costume magizine and definitely not mailed to my home.

What this company did is totally unexceptable and should never happen to anyone else with young adults. Please tell everyone to not buy anything from this company and complain to make sure this never happens again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Omg, we see worse things on tv, every day. Stop ***!

Throw it away, and go on with having nice evening.

to Anonymous #1573483

Sex toys have a time and place - and not in a catalog like this.


If you look at their website, they are NOT a costume company; they are a young adult apparel, accessory, and jewelry company that sells "alternative" clothing and some of them just happen to be costumes. Their target market is not teenagers, so technically all of their products were "age appropriate." What's going to happen when your daughter uses the internet (if she isn't already) and she sees inappropriate content?

What happens when/if her friends show her inappropriate content? Are you going to censor her life? As a parent, it is your responsibility to prepare your children for things like this, because life is NOT censored. You should have looked through the magazine first.

If you think about it, today many costumes are deemed {{Redacted}} and are often associated with {{Redacted}} and "adult" things, so it should have been a red flag right away that anything with costumes, and NO children's products on the front, might possibly have adult content in it. And is it REALLY that difficult to explain to a girl who's hitting puberty was an adult toy is?? If you don't want to go into much detail, all you had to say was "it's a device that ADULTS use" and leave it at that. Maybe include "you can learn about them more when you're a few years older" or something.

Anyway, sorry for being so harsh, but I hate it when parents blame the world for not censoring itself when it's YOUR responsibility to check what she's looking at before she does and teach her about sexuality, because school sure as *** isn't going to and the internet is filled with all sorts of improper education/information! You shouldn't give the company a bad review when they're aimed at adults.

to Anonymous #1573490

Give me a break. If you think having sex toys in a unique clothing catalog is normal - then YOU have a problem.

If you need sex toys - go to Adam & Eve or a *** site for it. The Pyramid Collection should not be slipping them into a catalog that used to be awesome. And keeping kids from seeing items that is not for children IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO when you are a parent or a responsible adult. I question anyone's moral integrity that doesn't make protecting children and their innocence priority #1.

And by the way - a "young adult apparel, accessory, and jewelry company that sells "alternative" clothing and some of them just happen to be costumes" does not in any way shape or form means that SEX TOYS should be included in it. WTF?!

There is a time and place for adult sex items. This catalog is NOT one of them.

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